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:star:Birthday : December, 10

Astrology Series - Sagittarius by feiyan



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:icononepieceluffyflagplz:Straw Hat Pirates:icononepieceluffyflagplz:
Pirate's LOG Collection - Monkey D. Luffy by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Roronoa Zoro by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Nami by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Usopp by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Sanji by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Tony Tony Chopper by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Nico Robin by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Franky by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Brook by HayatoPhantom

:icononepieceflagzoroplz:Red Hair & Buggy Pirates:icononepieceflagzoroplz:
Pirate's LOG Collection - Shanks by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Alvida by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Buggy by HayatoPhantom

:icononepieceflagnamiplz:Whitebeard Pirates:icononepieceflagnamiplz:
Pirate's LOG Collection - Marco by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Portgas D. Ace by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Thatch by HirotoStardustPirate's LOG Collection - Grace by HayatoPhantomPirate's LOG Collection - Veronica Burn by HirotoStardust

:icononepieceflagzoroplz: The Eleven Supernovas :icononepieceflagzoroplz:
Pirate's LOG Collection - Killer by HirotoStardust

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:bulletblue: ONE PIECE : ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END - CHARACTERS :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: MARINE :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OC - Ward D. Zack by HirotoStardustONE PIECE OC - Eugene Elfrith by HayatoPhantom

:bulletblue: WHITEBEARD :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OC - Veronica Burn by HirotoStardustONE PIECE OC - Grace by HayatoPhantom

:bulletblue: ST JOHN :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OC - Baldassarre Benedict by HayatoPhantom
ONE PIECE OC - Vane Woodes by HirotoStardustONE PIECE OC - Jack Rackham by HayatoPhantomONE PIECE OC - Buskes Cossa by HirotoStardustONE PIECE OC - Alcantra D. Soto by HayatoPhantomONE PIECE OC - Roche Gerritz by HirotoStardustONE PIECE OC - Duncan Wimund by HayatoPhantom

:bulletblue: CIPHER POL :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OC - Snow Meiron by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OC - Cardinal by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OC - Deep by HayatoPhantom ONE PIECE OC - Wisteria by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OC - Acid by HayatoPhantom

:bulletblue: DEVIL FRUIT COLLECTION :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: MARINE :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OaWE - Cryo Cryo Fruit by HirotoStardust

:bulletblue: WHITEBEARD PIRATES :bulletblue:

ONE PIECE OaWE - Summon Summon Fruit by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OaWE - Phase Phase Fruit by HayatoPhantom

:bulletblue: ST. JOHN PIRATES :bulletblue:
ONE PIECE OaWE - Life Life Fruit by HayatoPhantom
ONE PIECE OaWE - Dragon Dragon Fruit - Bahamut by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OaWE - Skull Skull Fruit by HayatoPhantom ONE PIECE Odyssey at World's End - Ivy Ivy Fruit by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OaWE - Decay Decay Fruit by HayatoPhantom ONE PIECE Odyssey at World's End - Void Void Fruit by HirotoStardust ONE PIECE OaWE - Mind Mind Fruit by HayatoPhantom

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Promoting commissions~

Sat Feb 1, 2014, 10:57 AM

Hi, friends !
My sister, :iconhirotostardust: has opened ONE PIECE special commission !! :iconyaayplz:

Here some examples of what she does,
Pirate's LOG Collection - Alvida by HirotoStardust -ArtTrade- Pirate's LOG Collection - Astra by HirotoStardust

Her style is so cutie! >v<
Feel free to check her profile for more informations ! :la:

Thank you so much for reading ! :iconbubblekissplz:

Disney Pals! Collection

?NONSENSE? - Koto no Odori

:iconorangeheart-plz:?NONSENSE? - 1st Mini-Album Koto no Odori:iconorangeheart-plz:

?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Cover by HayatoPhantom

Title : Koto no Odori
Type : Mini-Album
Release : 2011.01.19
Label : ROYAL!KING Records

:bulletorange: Koto no Odori :bulletorange:

?NONSENSE? - Koto no Odori by HirotoStardust?NONSENSE? - Koto no Odori2 by HayatoPhantom?NONSENSE? - Koto no Odori 3 by HirotoStardust
?NONSENSE? - Koto no Odori4 by HayatoPhantom?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-QandA by HayatoPhantom
?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Sora by HayatoPhantom?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Toshi by HirotoStardust?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Aoi by HirotoStardust?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-shino by HayatoPhantom?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Sou by HayatoPhantom
?NONSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Sora2 by HayatoPhantom?NSENSE?-Koto no Odori-shino2 by HayatoPhantom ?NSENSE?-Koto no Odori-Toshi2 by HirotoStardust?NSENSE? -Koto no Odori- Aoi 2 by HirotoStardust?NSENSE? -Koto no Odori- Sou 2 by HayatoPhantom

:bulletred: SHADE CONCERTO :bulletred:

?NONSENSE? - SHADE CONCERTO by HirotoStardust ?NONSENSE? - SHADE CONCERTO #2 by HayatoPhantom
SHADE CONCERTO - shinku by HayatoPhantom SHADE CONCERTO - ao by HayatoPhantom SHADE CONCERTO - kougane by HirotoStardust SHADE CONCERTO - murasaki by HirotoStardust SHADE CONCERTO - momoiro by HayatoPhantom
SHADE CONCERTO | yuugen by HayatoPhantom SHADE CONCERTO | monomane by HirotoStardust SHADE CONCERTO - myou by HirotoStardust

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

My Most Precious Treasures <3'

. S t a r U ni . by PiwyLullaby . Manekineko . by PiwyLullaby Happy Mickey Birth Day by PiwyLullaby . One Piece X'mas . by PiwyLullaby commission - eugene elfrith by iAmAneleBiscarra . K i K y . by PiwyLullaby HBD.Hayato '13 by PiwyLullaby Point commission: Praew and Hayato by orochibi

Thankie so much and forever :iconpiwylullaby:


?NONSENSE? by naoko-sanyu

Thankie so much my dear :iconnaoko-sanyu:


:iconwe-are-one-piece: :iconteam-onepiece:




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